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Ayris T. Scales



Capital Raiser & Philanthropist | Transition Guru | Tribe Builder   Advocate | Enterpriser | Advisor

Ayris is the foremost thought leader and in-demand consultant leading the charge in the area of vision and execution congruence within the non-profit, government, and corporate sectors.  Through these efforts she endeavors to alter the trajectory of Black women and girl’s lives by openly sharing her story, fighting to close the wage, gender and racial gap that keeps true progress just out of reach for Black women and girls and by partnering with organizations to hold them accountable for tangibly assisting underinvested communities.  Her goal is to effectively eradicate the disconnect that organizations often unknowingly create between their good intentions and how they are received by the people who they aim to help.


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Social Impact
Ayris T. Scales
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Social Impact Consultant

Ayris is a tri-sector executive who brings years of experience designing and executing fundraising strategies, culturally sensitive communications & policy planning. She has been called on to provide team-building and startup operations for prominent elected officials, global brand executives, and highly recognized nonprofit organizations.  Her expertise lies in building authentic public-private partnerships, stakeholder engagement, fundraising, strategic planning and startup efforts that benefit women, underinvested communities and teams. Her leadership and approach have generated outcomes that are both purposeful and profitable.

Political Appointee, C-Suite Executive, Philanthropist

Raised Over $60M In Grant Funds

Awarded Nearly $300M In Grants & Subsidies



Use the information below to contact Ayris about her services.  Please use the form to the right for speaking engagement requests. 

Washington, DC

(912) 655-5521

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